Nice glasses don't grow on trees ...

..but they exist and everyone can find them – the right ones! The secret is in the preparation. That is why we visit fairs and pre-select for you. You will find a wide selection of frames in our shop, mainly crafted in smaller manufactures.

Let us show you what is possible!


Small, but oh my…

It is quite a challenge to find the perfect glasses for fine-boned women and men.

We face it every day and have made it our passion. By now there are several collections made especially for narrow faces.

But all other brands hide the occasional gem, too, one only has to know how to find it.

Our brands

colibrisimago PIX


Proper vision develops over time! To make sure that nothing disturbs this development even the youngest need a little help sometimes.

Piratess or prince, fairy or soccer star – we’ll find the right glasses for our youngest customers.


The eternal multi-talent – sunglasses. They prevent irritating glare, protect against dangerous UV radiation and provide a fashion statement.

That’s how it should be.  At the beach, when exercising, or when traversing the urban jungle,  your favorite pair is always there.


Modern contacts with their skillful combination of material and fit offer excellent spontaneous tolerability and allow pleasurable and healthy long-term wear.

Once in a while during exercise or for every day, colored for a visible change or subtle and almost invisible – there are endless possibilities.


In order to ensure healthy long-term wear of your contacts, you need the right care products. They should be easy to manage, have excellent cleaning and antiseptic features, be very well tolerated and as  preservative-free as possible.

Our brands

OptiFree, AoSept, ReNu, Total Care, Boston, Menicare



With glasses you should see the world from a new perspective: more beautiful, more colorful, more focused – simply better. Our main provider’s staff in Bamberg will do almost everything for that.

Reliably short delivery times and highest product quality – whether for glass or plastic, varifocals or single vision lenses.

Our main contractor

Rupp und Hubrach


Cases for pragmatists and style experts, contact lens cases for you or as a present.

Sporty or elegant laces for glasses and of course everything for cleaning – we have it all in many colors to choose from.

Our products

for glasses, contact lens cases, cleaning utensils, cardboard glasses