Nice glasses don't grow on trees ...

There’s a pair for everyone, and anyone can find them – the right glasses! It’s just a matter of the right preparation. That’s why we do most of the legwork for you and preselect the brands we offer. At BRILLENkammer, you’ll find a carefully chosen range of glasses. Most are made by smaller manufacturers, and designed and produced in Germany and Europe. Whether you’re looking for classic frames made of metal and plastic, or ultra-sustainable frames made of wood or beans …

We’ll show you what’s possible!

Narrow faces

Small but mighty …

Finding the perfect pair of glasses for petite faces is a particular challenge.

But it’s one that we deal with every day, and it has become a real passion for us.

These days, there are entire collections made especially for narrow faces, and even other manufacturers have a few hidden gems. We make it our mission to find them.

We carry the following brands

colibris, imago PIX

Peekaboo ...

Good vision takes time to develop. And sometimes, even little ones need some extra help to ensure that their vision develops correctly.

Whether they love pirates or princes, fairies or football stars, we’ll find just the right glasses for our youngest customers.

We carry the following brands

lafont, julbo, TITANFLEX Kids, Loop-Kinderbrillen, Anne et Valentin – Superkids, ROLF Substance kids

Chich Shades ...

Sunglasses are an essential accessory – and for very good reason. They prevent glare, protect our eyes from dangerous UV rays, and complete our outfit.

Take them with you wherever you go, whether you’re at the beach, exercising, or out in the urban jungle.

We carry the following brands

mexx, lafont, anne et valentin, colibris, PAPP UV

Things have changed ...

The right combination of materials and fit means that modern contact lenses are usually well-tolerated on the first try. They are comfortable, don’t cause irritation, and can be worn for long stretches of time.

There are options available for every need, whether you’re wearing them occasionally to play sports or every day at the office, whether you want coloured lenses for a new look, or lenses that are nearly invisible. Even varifocal contact lenses are now available as monthly lenses or daily disposables.

We carry the following brands

Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Cooper Vision

The Perfect Solution ...

Contact lens care solution is, of course, important for keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable while wearing your lenses.

It should be easy to use, have excellent cleaning and disinfection properties, and your eyes should tolerate it well. And if it’s free of preservatives on top of that … then it’s really perfect!

We carry the following brands

OptiFree, AoSept, ReNu, Total Care, Boston, Menicare

Qualität made in Germany ...

When you get new glasses, you might not see the world “through new eyes”, but your vision will be sharper, colours will be brighter, and you’ll just see better. Our main supplier for lenses, who is based in Bamberg, Germany, does all they can to make that happen.

We can always trust them to provide the very best quality with short delivery times, no matter whether the lenses we need are glass or plastic, varifocal or standard. Rupp & Hubrach make it all possible!

Our Main Supplier

Rupp und Hubrach

Other things you might need ...

We have everything you need, in all the colours of the rainbow: glasses cases for craftspeople or fashionistas, contact lens cases for yourself or for a gift. We also have eyeglasses straps – athletic or elegant – and, of course, everything you need to clean your glasses.

You’ll find

Cases, contact lens cases, eyeglasses straps, cleaning products, cardboard party glasses, prescription and standard swimming goggles, reading aids