Supported Projects

As a business that cares deeply about the common good, we feel that it is our responsibility to help make things better for as many people as we can. Our goal isn’t to make more money, but to help create a good life for everyone. We support numerous projects centred around eyesight. Here you can discover the projects we endorse on a long-term basis.


150 million people around the world need glasses, but can’t afford them. They can’t study, can’t work, and can’t provide for their families.

The project OneDollarGlasses created a solution to this problem. A “OneDollar” pair of glasses. The glasses are made of a light, flexible spring steel frame and pre-made plastic lenses that can be clicked into place. OneDollarGlasses can be made and sold by local residents who have received training. The price for materials is around 1 US dollar, and the glasses sell for the local equivalent of 2–3 days’ wages. We are excited about this project and want to actively support it, so we have set up a donation box in the store. All the donations go straight to this project, in their entirety.

For every pair of glasses that we sell, we donate 1€ to OneDollarGlasses, and we hope our customers will also support this important cause! For example, if you donate just one euro when you pick up your glasses, you can instantly double the donation. Together, we can make a big difference!


Donate glasses – give the gift of sight. That’s the motto of this organisation from the Rhineland area. Donated glasses are professionally inspected by a team of volunteers in Koblenz. After the measurements and prescription strength are documented, the glasses are carefully packed and sent to non-profit organisations (NGOs) around the world. The organisations work together with local specialists to give the glasses to local residents who need them. Following a careful eye exam, they receive the glasses free of charge.

We are happy to take your unneeded glasses, repair them if needed, and send them to BrillenWeltweit.

Shades of Love

In the Himalayas and Andes Mountains, people live at more than 3,000 metres elevation. The sunlight is intense and the UV exposure is extremely high. Without sunglasses, the local population can’t protect their eyes, which can lead to serious eye diseases, or even blindness. The Shades of Love project, founded by Jürgen Altmann, addresses the problem at its source. Altmann, who comes from Munich, brings regular deliveries of donated sunglasses directly to these high-elevation areas. He and his team distribute shades and also provide urgently needed information on eye health.

We are happy to take your unneeded sunglasses, repair them if needed, and send them to Shades of Love.