We aim for your crystal-clear vision ...

In our work, it’s all about your eyes, your vision, and, of course, your appearance. We advise, measure, tinker, and work towards one goal: your satisfaction!

Eye Exam

Open your eyes and let’s go …

It takes a real expert to check your vision and find the right prescription that will let you see things at a distance but also do close-up work comfortably.

We take our time and talk with you in detail about what you need from your new glasses. That guarantees that you’ll find them comfortable right away, and enjoy wearing them for years to come.


From old to (almost) new …

Have a screw loose? Maybe your sunglasses spent the winter in their case and now they keep slipping off your nose? Or perhaps your glasses are really broken?

Is it time to throw them out? No! Let us help! We’ll bend, glue, screw, file, and solder for all we’re worth to fix your favourite glasses and make them usable again. You can also bring your old glasses to us to be refurbished. We’ll make them look like new in no time.

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Contact Lense Fitting

You’ve got something in your eye …

Everyone’s eyes are unique. Like fingerprints. Not only the colour is different – eyes also have different shapes and sizes. The eyelids sit differently, the tear film has a unique make-up. These factors all influence vision and how comfortable it is to wear contact lenses. That’s why it is so important to have your monthly or daily contact lenses fitted by professionals, and to get them checked regularly. That’s the only way to make sure that your eyes tolerate your contact lenses well over time, and to make sure that there are no health risks for your eye.

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We do it ourselves …

In our workshop, we work with lenses made of both plastic and mineral glass. Whether you wear rimless or semi-rimless glasses, or choose frames made of metal, plastic or wood, we can fit almost all glasses with lenses right here in the shop. That means that your glasses will be ready sooner, and also ensures reliably high standards of precision and quality.

We’re also happy to put new lenses into glasses that you bought somewhere else, like the flea market.

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Vision Test For Your Driver's License

Full speed ahead …

Whether it’s for a car, motorcycle, truck, or bus – if you get a new driver’s license or change your existing one, you’ll first need to pass a vision test. With a quick and simple test, we’ll check to see if your vision is good enough with your current corrective lenses (or without any at all) to drive a vehicle.

We recommend that anyone who uses the road – even cyclists – have their vision checked every two years.

After all, you can only stay safe if you can see well.

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